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Weaving, Knitting, Crocheting, Embroidering.

Manufakture and sell handmade textile art, in materials from nature.

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The Studio


tapestry 1

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Table runners

Cuddly toys


Childrens clothes

Hats, Baskets

Mitten, Socks and Caps

More for sale



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There´s a lot to see and experience in Överhogdal.

When you get to Överhogdal you must spen at least one hole day here. That´s the time it takes to visit all the sights.

We would love for you to come here and stay a week. The nature is beautiful and offers recreation, activity and peacefulness.


The tree of life (Yggdrasil) is the symbol of Överhogdal. It´s taken from The Tapestry of Överhogdal.

Maps over Härjedalen and Överhogdal, so you can get here.

Överhogdals Forngård has a great exhibition that shows the story around The Tapestry of Överhogdal, that was made during the time of Vikins. They have open the greater part of the year.

The Tapestry of Överhogdal. More about the well known tapestry, that was found in Överhogdal.

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Gammelbudd (folk museum) has many old buildings and things, even a schoolmuseum. Open from midsummer until the middle of august.

Stenhyddan (Mossbo Stenar) sells rosequartz from their own mine and a lit of rocks from Southamerica. They manufacture and sell jewellery and other handmade things. Open from midsummer until the middle of august.

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There are possibilitys to rent a cottage in Överhogdal or stay at a camping ground.

There are great fishingwaters, in the summer as in the winter, with brooks, rivers, tarns and lakes. The nature is beuatiful with large woods, mountains and swamps. Berry-picking is very popular. Here we have blueberry, cowberry and cloudberry. Experience the wilderness from a bike, canoe, boat or by foot. There are many miles of snowmobile- and skiingtracks.

Food for larger groups of people can be arranged at the community center in Överhogdal. You must make your order in a good time before your visit.

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Staying for a larger group, of up to 30 people, and for you who wants to stay where you get served food, we recommend the tavern Wärdshuset Knoppergården in Ytterhogdal. In Ytterhogdal you also have Petterssons Kiosk och Brazzerie and Hogdals Krogen if you are hungry. Ytterhogdal is the central place in the Community of Hogdal. It is 15 km from Överhogdal.

Welcome to Ateljé Eija Koivumaa in Överhogdal in Hogdalsbygden in Härjedalen!

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