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Weaving, Knitting, Crocheting, Embroidering.

Manufakture and sell handmade textile art, in materials from nature.

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The Studio


tapestry 1

tapestry 2


Table runners

Cuddly toys


Childrens clothes

Hats, Baskets

Mitten, Socks and Caps

More for sale



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The Studio.

Ateljé (studio) Eija Koivumaa started as a company in the spring 1999. It was time to take the step from hobbywork to an own company. Eija has knitted, crocheted and made embroidering for many years. Since 1995 she has also been weaving. To Eija precision and artful shaping are two very important ingredients in her work. That´s why all her products are of highest class.

The studio is closed for now and sales are only through the Internet.

This is how you´ll get to Överhogdal and Ateljé Eija Koivumaa.

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The studio is lying in a beautiful nature far away from stress and the sound of cars.

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Thete is mutch to do, see and experience in Överhogdal. Read more about it.

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On this sight is only a few of all the things that are made by ATELJÉ Eija Koivumaa. If You have questions, ideas or want to order - CONTACT EIJA.